1. Miles or points can only be earned when roaming abroad and is applicable for voice calls & sending SMSs.
    You will not be eligible for miles/points when using CALL HOME & SMS HOME services.
  2. Voice calls includes all outgoing roaming calls. Roaming airtime is counted in one minute units and is rounded down to the whole minute.
  3. SMS includes all Mobile originated (initiated) SMSs.
  4. Mobitel Roaming Rewards Program is also applicable to Postpaid and Prepaid mobile customers.
  5. In order to earn miles or points it is required to have a mobile phone number from Mobitel and a membership number from any of the associated loyalty program. Registration for Mobitelís Roaming Rewards Program is also required.
  6. The service is also subject to the terms and conditions of the loyalty program under which you have chosen to earn your miles or points.
  7. Mobitel Roaming Rewards will be credited to the member's preferred loyalty program account six to eight weeks after roaming outside Sri Lanka.
  8. Miles or points earned as result of the use of Mobitel Roaming Rewards Program will be credited under the name "Travelling Connect" to the account of your preferred loyalty program.
  9. By enrolling you consent that Mobitel may send you an email or text message. The content of the email or text message will be related to this service.
  10. Mobitel Roaming Rewards will not give you any login number/registration number. Your preferred partner program membership number would be your login/registration number.