You can earn 1 mile for every 2 minutes of roaming outgoing calls, and 1 mile for every 2 roaming SMSs (text message) sent by you while travelling abroad.

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  • What is a membership number? What is a membership of your loyalty program? This is an account number provided by your airline or hotel to you at the time you enrolled for the airline or hotel loyalty program. This number is also on your loyalty card which has been submitted by your airline or hotel and identifies you as a member in their airline or hotel loyalty program.

    A membership number consists of digits, for example Kuwait Airways membership number consist of 9 digits like 121151592 and in some case it is a combination of digits and letters like American Airlines. If you have not a membership number of an airline, please first sign up with any of the loyalty programs. After registering with the loyalty program of your choice, do not forget to come back to this registration page.